Hi - my name is Louise Egedal.

I work from my studio on the island of Funen in Denmark where I create my one off pieces.

The Curated Webshop is created to show a few carefully selected art pieces at a time. I select a group of ceramics that go well together in all their diversity. I like to think they represent a unity/family. When the pieces are sold or when I think it´s time for a new selection, I´ll change the whole show.

To learn more about me feel free to visit my main site: www.louiseegedal.com

Please feel free to write me if you have any inquiries.

Inspiration: The raw nature of Denmark lies implicit in my works. Also, I´m influenced by the traditional Japanese "Wabi-sabi" aesthetics which in short means "the beauty of imperfection." Furthermore, I´m influenced by my training which started 20+ years ago and has deep roots in the Danish crafts tradition, which means strict lines and minimalism. Combining the two has resulted in what I like to refer to as "Nordic Wabi-sabi."

If you´d like to see what happens on a daily basis, feel free to join me on Instagram - that´s in English too. 

If you speak Danish, feel free to check out my blog where you´ll find more behind-the-scenes stuff. 

Thank you for stopping by!